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Say ‘yes’ to non-toxic cleaning techniques with our environmentally friendly cleaning.

No matter what type of cleaning service you require, we house skilled resources and latest quality-control systems to get your job done perfectly the very first time, and every time thereafter.

When it comes to janitorial cleaning services, no task is too big or too small for us. We cater to everyone irrespective of size, requirement and budget. CB Cleanings Janitorial Services also provides you the option to customize your cleaning requirement as per your convenience. It can be arranged as often as you require. You can pick our services on a daily basis or on every other day or even feel free to engage us on weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.

Request a free estimate today and allow us to customize a janitorial service plan to fit your needs.

Residential Cleaning
Residential Cleaning

Your home is your haven and a reflection of you and your family. We can be counted upon to provide a one-a-kind home cleaning. Our quality processes, premium products and deep cleaning systems improve the indoor environment and control allergens. Having a clean home makes for a clear mind.

Other Services
Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning

Moving to a new home? We are here to help you.

Window Washing

Get reliable, timely and professional window washing services from us.

Floor Waxing

Make floors look glossy and sleek with our expert floor waxing technique.

Power Washing

Let us help you achieve the best possible impression with our power washing service

Carpet Cleaning

Remove stains, dirts and beautify carpets with our carpet cleaning service.

commercial cleaning Services

Cleaning the Floor

Whether an office, restaurant or hotel, we help you maintain a healthy environment for your employees and customers. Our high-tech cleaning technology backed by service excellence will make your business employee and visitor friendly.

Industry Specific Services

Industry by industry, CB Cleanings Janitorial Services meets special requirements. We have worked with all types of businesses and locations.

From a small pre-school to a University, we aim to improve the learning atmosphere for your students by maximizing the removal of dirt and unwanted allergens from school buildings.

Healthcare industries require special janitorial cleaning services to minimize the spread of infections. We use hospital grade disinfectants, microfiber cleaning equipments and highly efficient vacuuming technology.

We provide sanitized and safe clean up procedures for manufacturing businesses. From office rooms to the plant floor, we can clean your entire property with consistent staffing, maintenance and on-site management; adapted to manufacturing productivity and precision.

Our esteemed clients comprise of renowned banks and financial institutions. We assure that your workplace will outshine in terms of hygiene and visual presence. Allow us to develop a comprehensive plan to help you achieve the best first impression every time.

Professional Construction Cleanup Services

When it comes to construction cleanup service, you can rely on CB Cleanings Janitorial Services. From construction debris removal to floor polishing, our wide range of services will keep your property looking spotless and dirt free.

We take pride in our approach to coordinating all aspects related to post and pre-construction cleanup and floor finishing. Our staff are experienced and trained professionals who cater to clients specific needs in all types of locations and structures. Our systematic working procedure will never create inconvenience to visitors, customers or the regular work flow.

Services Performed During Construction Cleanup

  • General cleaning

  • Vestibule & entrance to store

  • Restrooms

  • Stairwells

  • Floor polishing

  • Mezzanine & Storage Room

  • Window cleaning

  • Carpet care

  • Tiles cleaning

  • Strip & Finish


We take pride in our services for our industrial and commercial clients and strive to exceed expectations in our services. We are happy to schedule ongoing cleaning services to keep your work place dirt free and employee and visitor friendly.

Commercial Cleaning Services


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